Special Character in Episode title replaced with �

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Docker
Debug logs:

[v3.0.9.1549] System.IO.FileNotFoundException: File doesn’t exist: /media/The Handmaid’s Tale/Season 5/The Handmaid’s Tale - S05E07 - No Man�s Land.mkv
[v3.0.9.1549] System.IO.FileNotFoundException: File doesn’t exist: /media/Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan/Season 2/Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan - S02E07 - Dios y Federaci�n.mkv

Description of issue:
Recently had to rebuild my server, using all the old Docker-compose files, and i never had this issue before.

I noticed all of the episodes on sonarr with a Special Character in the title fails to import, and the Special Character gets replaced with �. The Show name is not affected by this.

I have unchecked Replace Illegal Characters, and checked it again, no change.

Any recommendations?

What’s the actual character?
Accented characters aren’t special characters, special characters are just ones invalid in file names.

This seems like an issue with character encoding, maybe on the docker host.

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