Sonnar vs Sickrage Showdown who wins?

The front UI is basically a tie

Both provide pictures of the shows fine with some differences.
Sickrage lets you change the size of them and sonnar gives you slightly better info like if its ended and when its starting again.

Both don’t have a option to change artwork which can be a issue when its download in the wrong language.

No clear winner here.

Setup is again a tie.

Both are straight forward and easy to do without any major issues.

Unrar downloads is a win for sickrage.

Sickrage has the function built into it needing no addon’s.
Sonnar on the other hand requires this to be done on the outside with other programs although the feature is being worked on.

Scanning and renaming is a win for sonnar.

Both do a good job of it but sonarr give you indications of whats happening and it seems to have less issues with names.
Sickrage for example gets confused with shadowhunters full tv name (Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments) where as sonnar doesn’t have this issue.

Media server integration a tie.

Both let you sends notifications to scan and the like along with being simple to setup.

Stability is a tie.

Both have great teams being them and although bugs do popup now and then this is to be expected and is quickly fixed.

Backup and restore is a win for sickrage.

Sickrage allows you to back and restore by browsing to the file needed
Sonnar does automated backups which are easy to download but there is no feature browse to and restore the file needed.
This is less a issue when installed on a pc and more of a issues when installed on a nas or the like.

Sickrage is a bare winner here due to it’s built in unrar function and simple restore function.

That said sonnar working on the unrar feature and it would be simple to add a browse option for restoring which would push it ahead of sickrage due to having all the features and better scanning.

Both need a option to change the artwork but that’s a minor cosmetic issue then a functional one.

Either way its a win win for us since development of one pushes development on the other in these great out source software’s :slight_smile:

Why would you say this? I found this forum post searching for trying to figure out how to add this show to Sonarr. It is NOT an option, only the original. I guess you can’t get confused when Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments does not exist according to Sonarr.

because it was most likely a problem a year ago when the post was made?

sonarr (and probably sickrage too) has changed a lot in the last year, so has the databases they use for looking up tv shows - it now calls “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments” just “Shadowhunters” and uses the full name as an alias.

things change a lot in a year so why pull up a post from that far back to make a pointless complaint about it?

if you want the search function to also search on the aliases then you could ask for that as a feature request but it might be difficult as its a web api based searched into the database so thats what needs to change, not sonarr itself.

OP reads like a tech blog looking for page views and proliferating editors’ own opinion, sans the pretty pictures. Not even clear what the agenda is.
First reply comes a year later.
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