Sonnar stopped autodownloading this weekend

Sonarr version

Not sure what happened but suddenly nothing downloads automatically as of this Sunday…

When I try to grab specific files through the menu automatically, it says the torrent file type is invalid…

not sure how this happened. I enjoy the set it and forget it server that I’ve been running for years with no issues like this previous.

Here’s some photos so you can see what I am saying for yourself. I have to download everything manually from the websites I use and then manually import theme through the Wanted section.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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First recommendation I foresee is that you need to upgrade to v3. Version 2 is no longer supported.

And for your general future reference, how to take screenshots:

Well… I have since updated and it seems to have solved the problem

I hate this interface tho. It just looks… awful. I didn’t think version 2 was perfect but it’s not this. Ugh. I wish there was some way around being forced to update. The previous layout was just better