Sonarr's Search doesn't find release

Sonarr version:
OS: win 10

Description of issue:

When searching for this anime using interactive search one of the results does not appear but another one with a similar name does.(This is the one i would want the most if it had shown.) . I understand it auto picks the DKB one as the filesize is lower. The SubsPlease one has a +99 so if it had shown it would be picked

The one that does show and got picked by sonarr has 10 or less seeders for the file, while the other one has 150+ and doesn’t show. Even though they use the exact same title of the show, neither show is found by searching ‘Stardust Telepath’ on nyaa.

What sonarr interactive search shows.

What is found by searching ‘Hoshikuzu Telepath’ on nyaa

Could someone help me as to why they don’t show up through sonarr’s search

Most likely because sonarr talks to the api of the indexer and the release isn’t properly categorized or not linked to the series, and you go to the website and do a text search. Both are completely different ways of searching.

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Yes you could say the subplease is not properly indexed but it has no problem finding them on other anime name wise. They are both in the same category also ‘Anime - English-translated’.

I don’t believe there is a series link on nyaa and if there was the DKB one would be likely to not be linked as they are a smaller group.

i.e. Shangri-La Frontier

The site defaults to sorting by descending date, as does the indexer in Jackett/Prowlarr (this can be reconfigured in the indexer settings).

So by default, when searching for Hoshikuzu Telepath the result you want is on the fifth page, which isn’t going to be returned as Jackett/Prowlarr only fetches the first page for keyword searches.

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