Sonarr's Curl using 98%+ of CPU Constantly

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): .NET: Yes (6.0.13)
OS: Linux (Docker Image from
Debug logs: Trace:
Debug: Hastebin
Description of issue:

Sonarr is running in a docker container. I noticed today that the container was at 100% CPU usage. Opening a terminal in the docker container and using top, I can see that curl is using 98%+ CPU. Killing CURL just causes it to start under a new PID (not unexpectedly, but figured it was worth a try). The container is running on a Synology NAS and it’s container manager shows: “curl -sL http://localhost:8989/ping

This container has been running fine for a long time on the NAS, so I’m not sure what may have changed lately to cause this. I reviewed the debug log (and even a few minutes of trace log), but logs aren’t really showing anything, even when I kill the process.

Thank you. I swear I searched, including just for CURL and on Google and for some reason didn’t see that.

For at least a temporary solution: [BUG] Curl stuck at 100% usage on a core · Issue #276 · linuxserver/docker-sonarr · GitHub

apk add c-ares=1.25.0-r0 --repository=
apk upgrade
(restart, or just kill the curl process)

Thanks to wegenmic on github (original comment linked above) for the solution.

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