sonarrAnnounced - auto-dl irssi alternative for sonarr


Been working on a script that some of you torrent users may find you have wanted at some point before. Its still fairly infant, but has been working ok for me with the few trackers that are currently added. Adding further trackers should be fairly straight forward, so if you like the project, and want additional trackers then feel free to add them your self and submit a pull request.

The basic idea is that the script connects to the IRC announce channels, parses the announcements and then asks sonarr using the release/push API endpoint whether it wants the torrent. Sonarr will then request the torrent from the script, which will grab the torrent on the fly and serve it to Sonarr.

It currently supports:

Looks promising,
But i see a issue with Python 3.5.2.
because allot of programs won’t work on anything above 2.7.x

you can install multiple versions of python on same system so you should not have many problems. i have python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5 and no problems running all different software with those requirements

Need to try if that also works on Windows.
Nice project to test upcoming weekend.

This is on both systems, I develop it on windows and run it on Debian :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any problems. I usually use nzb and torrent but since running this all new releases are grabbed via irc announce channels.

I’ll will check how to install and run this on a windows machine/server,
I’ll give some feedback when I get it running

Took some time to get both version of python working on windows,
Then i needed to figure out where to find the auth_key.

Perhaps add some more info how someone can find this info.
Also how to start it on windows because the script is only needed on unix i presume.

Now i need to wait till it finds something that i want and see if that works.
I’ll keep you updated

I’ve been testing it a few days and i must say i’m impressed,
but i had a hard time to get it working on windows and with both version of python.
perhaps ad the windows step by step in the wiki ?

Till now it works without any issues,
I run it in console mode so i can see that it’s running and doing something and see if it’s connected.
Sometimes i see in the console window a few errors,
but it keeps running and working.

I also added some ideas to the FeatHub.

Glad to hear it’s working for you ok, any error logs do post on the GitHub issues so I can correct them.

I’ll try to improve the install guide, perhaps do a video for both windows and Linux installation.

Have taken a look at feathub and will definitely implement rotating log files. As for filtering, sonarr will only choose the release it would normally choose, so not sure how you mean? You want to filter file extensions? It can be done but I think it would require to download every announced torrent to check which is not so efficient.

You can checkout the develop branch which I have been working on a basic webui to view logs/announced & snatched torrents. I’d like to add some graphs too, so you can see which are most active/snatched from tracker graphs etc…