Sonarr wont custom format

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I have the problem that Sonarr wont recognize the custom format sometimes and i dont know why.
I tried restarting sonarr and scanning the series again but it does nothing and im not even sure where i should look for the error
Below are the picture of the custom format and some examples. Its about the Allgemein (english: general) format that i use to identify if the series has german as well as the original language.

At a guess, because the first title states both DE+JA and DE, Sonarr doesn’t know what to make of it.

As per the template that you removed, provide debug logs of the issue.

well but in with this episode it detected it just fine:

Debug series i took as a example:
before renaming

after renaming

i dont know why but in this case it also didnt include the languages in the renaming process but thats a whole new issue. but it detects the 2 languages german and japanese under multilanguage.

2024-06-20 17:22:17.7|Debug|Parser|Parsing string 'Bakemonogatari.Ep.15.German.DTS.DL.1080p.BluRay.x264-AST4u.mkv'
2024-06-20 17:22:17.7|Trace|LanguageParser|Adding original language because the release title contains German DL tag
2024-06-20 17:22:17.7|Debug|Parser|Languages parsed: German, Original

DL (when not preceded by WEB) is parsed as dual language (ML is also be parsed as multi-language):

The renamed title no longer has German DL, so it’s presumably relying on media info rather than the title.

I’d need a debug log of the original issue to see what causes it. Re-rename the file to its original and re-import it with debug logging enabled.

no the DL tag shouldnt be included thats fine. its the Allgemein custom format that should be used because it detects both languages in the media files.
(i didnt want the DL in the name) thats also why after reaching 100 points (DL is 20 and Allgemein is 100) it should stop searching.

I’d need to see the debug logs for the import of the renamed file, as if ffprobe isn’t able to read the audio files as being Japanese and German, then Sonarr can’t say the file contains the original language audio.

Well per coincidence i found the problem, the TVDB meta is wrong sometimes, for example:
it lists the original language for Rosario + Vampire as english even though its japanese and thats why the release with german and japanese that would under normal circumstances be right was wrong.