Sonarr with manually adding qbittorrent torrent links

I am hoping someone can help me here, have spent hours on this.

So for Sonarr to use Completed Download Handling, it needs a category in qbittorrent or else anything downloaded won’t process as it doesn’t have a category.

That is fine and all but for some odd reason I can’t automatically set a download on qbitorrent to a category (example: click on a magnet link and qbitorrent downloads) Certain stuff I pull can’t be done through indexers on Sonarr so that isn’t a option.

Let me know if you need anymore information or examples. I’d rather not ditch qbittorrent.

I use qBittorrent as well and I don’t believe it has the ability to automatically assign a default category to a torrent loaded through a magnetic link. You can set it manually once the torrent is in qBittorent by right clicking on the torrent and selecting category where you can assign it to the same category that Sonarr uses. Once you do that Sonarr will automatically start tracking it the next time it scans qBittorent (every minute).

Yeah I couldn’t find a way so I just changed my marco script to accommodate adding it.

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