Sonarr Will Not Update

Sonarr version 3.03.968
Mono version

Update is failing

V3 is now officially stable; v2 is EOL I guess?

  • QNAP Users: Please bug the package maintainer(s).

Yup. the Sonarr team has nothing to do with the Qnap maintainers and it’s on them to fix things.

Docker is the preferred method on NASes for reasons like this.

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There’s a qnap community forum thread about the package, based on that you need to reinstall the package, but I think the package itself is still a fairly old version.

@Taloth isn’t it this link for the latest one?

I dunno, qnap community maintains the package, not us. My knowledge about qnap and Qsonarr is only a single google link.

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