Sonarr will not update root folder

I have changed my root folder on the sonarr series editor. I have changed the volumes on docker compose.

I have ran a system prune --volumes on docker and when I start sonarr back up with docker compose up -d it still continues to give me a path does not exist error on an old mounted volume that does not even exist anymore.

Mono Version
AppData directory
Startup directory

Did you remove the old root folder as well?
There are a lot of errors in the logs about paths not existing (and the logs aren’t debug logs). What exactly did you change?

Thanks for following up on this. I have been trying to figure out my issues for months. Its hard for me to sit down and even try to figure this out anymore as I get uber anxious everytime.

Yes, the root folder that sonarr is trying to find is deleted. The intended folder has been changed for all series on the series editor to the targetted root folder, however sonnar is not recognizing it. To my understanding, permissions are often the cause. I have set the permissions on sonarr to 755.

What exactly is the error you’re getting? (and where)

Did you go to add series, import existing and remove that root folder? Just updating the series paths isn’t enough.

Paths from the download client (pending imports) Sonarr will try to process, if those are wrong then you’ll need to update to the paths for the downloads in the client or remove them from history.

I have about 6500 of these for maybe around 3 newly completed downloaded files:

Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /downloads/completed/Sonarr/Lovecraft.Country.S01E08.1080p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta

Either that’s the path that the download client is reporting or Sonarr is translating it that path due to a Remote Path Mapping.

Thanks. Hmmm, someone else told me that I didnt need to set up my remote path. I tried to set it up just now tho with the following:
Host: localhost
Remote path: /volume1/Content/Downloads/
Local path: /data/Downloads

I went ahead an just did an image of how my clients and containers are set up.

You don’t necessarily need them, but if you’re running the download client on the host and Sonarr in docker or have different paths to mounted in the container (like you do) then you either need to make sure transmission and Sonarr have the same volumes mounted or use a remote path mapping.

Your remote path is wrong, it should be /downloads (what transmission sees in the container) and the local path should be /data/Downloads/Torrents by the look of it.

Ok, kind of made headway. It is looking in the right spot now. I noticed an access denied error that I didnt remember seeing for on top of the path does not exist error. The debug log has a lot of content on there that i was not familiar with so I dont know what thats all about. Maybe it is content buried in my preexisting library- idk.

Permission on the destination side it looks like.

Should my mapping be set up differently being that everything is being stored on my synology nas? Should it be set to localhost?
I do not undertand what permissions would be set up to cause this. Everything looks good on my end from what I can see.

Ideally in docker you just map one volume so Sonarr can hardlink/move files on that single volume, if you have the same volume mapped in the download client’s container and Sonarr’s container you don’t need a remote path mapping.

Should my mapping be set up differently being that everything is being stored on my synology nas? Should it be set to localhost?

Why? The mapping is working, changing it will break it again.

Sonarr can’t create/access that season folder, unless that path is wrong for the container then permissions is the best guess.

Changing the mapping to specify the host as the gateway of the docker container’s address.

Well it is more than just that one season folder… I was trying to ask people in the synology forum about permissions and nobody is telling me anything I have not already done.

It needs to match whatever you have entered in the Host field for the download client in Sonarr, nothing else matters. might be of some help, if yuou need further help someone on the Sonarr discord may have some insight.

if youre willling then simplify it to this;


  • change the docker volume from /volume1/Content/Download/Torrents:/downloads to /volume1/Content:/Content
  • change the transmission download location from /downloads to /Content/Downloads/Torrents


  • change the docker volume from /volume1/Content/Download/Usenet:/downloads to /volume1/Content:/Content
  • change the nzbget MainDir path from /downloads to /Content/Downloads/Usenet


  • change the docker volume from /volume1/Content:/data to /volume1/Content:/Content
  • add a new root folder of /Content/Collection/TV Shows
  • use the series > mass editor page, select all, change root folder to the new location
  • delete the old root folder

that will give you a common volume path of /Content across all your containers (no need to prune to cleanup) and you wont need any remote path mappings. it also allows for file moves instead of copies so it will be much faster in that regard.

PUID=1024 and PGID=100 is the admin user and the administrators group on a synology nas so access should not be an issue - unless you somehow managed to remove it or made it read only? you can use file manager in dsm to work out what permissions are set on the /volume1/Content folder and the Collection and TV Shows folders as well. basically check the whole structure to ensure admin and administrators has full control, and inherits that in lower levels.

you may want to think about creating an account/group specifically for your media management that only has access to the appropriate media paths later if you want to make it more secure.

note - also check the download client entries in sonarr for nzbget and transmission. make sure you have a category set so that any other content you download with them outside of sonarr is not seen or touched by sonarr.