Sonarr wants to rename all my Black-ish episodes to black-ish

Running current Sonarr (3.0.3-687?) and it wants to rename all the episodes of Black-ish to black-ish. I don’t see anyway to tell sonarr that the name is, in fact, Black-ish.

Is this more TVDB idiocy?

looking at the coverart, it would seem the correct name is “black-ish”.
even the official twitter account for the show has it as a lower case “b”.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Nifty. It has been Black-ish on my system for 6 years. Since ‘B’ and ‘b’ are alphabetized separately in Linux/Unix, this is an annoying change.

you have control over the series folder name so does it overly matter?

so long as its consistent within a season you should be ok - and you can just rename all the files in that season if it changed half way

update series set title = "Black-ish" where title = "black-ish”;


That probably won’t survive a series refresh?

Correct, it’ll be gone in ~12 hours.

you can also lowercase everything via the media management settings

if your operating system is case sensitive then why wouldnt you force the same case on everything to ensure consistency? its either that or be tied to the source and at their will should they decide to change it in a way you dont like.

Good thing I have tools to force my computer to do what I want and not what someone else decided I must do.

I do not want to lowercase everything. I want the shows to be in Title Case so that everything sorts properly. There is absolutely no reason for Sonarr to try to force the case on files since it does not search feeds with case-sensitive searches. It is annoying to have to write code to scan and fix the titles because sonarr won’t respect my choice of Series title, but it is also not difficult.

for f in **/black*; do mv "$f" "${f/^black/Black}";done

do you have the media management settings in TitleCase format?

its based off what you set in the media management settings, it wont change from that unless you change it - and if you do change it half way through it wont go back and rename the folders/files to match, you have to do that yourself (or at least im pretty sure you have to do it yourself)

then set the case you want in media management and you wont have to

if you already have the media management settings in TitleCase format then this is possibly a bug but you havent shown or mentioned what you have set in there

No, that is not the case at all. With Black-ish it enforces lowercase naming based on the name it syncs into the database. Where are you seeing a TitleCase option in Media Management? It is not there in my Sonarr.

er, yes it is. this is mine for the series folder - enforcing lowercase because its all lowercase

if i change the format to TitleCase then (see how the example changes to match)

{series titleyear} = all lowercase
{SERIES TITLEYEAR} = all uppercase
{Series TitleYear} = title case

all the naming format tokens on that page work that way - whatever case you put them in is what it uses.

if you change it youll have to click on the rename button to rename all the episodes

i dont think it will change the series folder, im not sure but i think it only does the formating on creation so you may have to do that one manually. just edit the series and change the case in there to match

That’s not title case, that’s default case, it just happens to be that series titles use title case, because they’re titles, except for black-ish apparently. There is no way to force black-ish to use title case.

Easiest work around would be to update Sonarr’s path for black-ish to be Black-ish and make sure the folder on disk matches, that way folders will still be sorted properly, then telling Sonarr to rename all the files for the series will keep them the same case, even if it’s lower-case.

thats a bit weird then considering i would have expected this option to format the local files/folders to how the user wants them formatted. maybe title case wasnt thought to be needed as the series names were already defaulting to that

so basically none of the media management format tokens support title case - you just have to hope the series title is in title case if you want that format?

if you could work out a way to allow for both default case and title case in the tokens that would probably be the best way, but i think thats going to be pretty hard to do, so would there be any chance of changing default case into title case and enforcing that format locally so that series like black-ish would end up Black-ish because thats the format the user wants them in?

Correct, {Series Title} just maintains the case from the title and I’d argue the title should be title case. Even google results show Black-ish except for fanart/images that used the stylized black-ish.

It’s not something we plan to do.

This is not correct. “Blacki-ish” is changed to “black-ish” no matter what.

The name of the file on my system should be stable by me, not some unknown person at TVDB who has a long ignoble history of screwing up people’s libraries. (A much longer history that Sonarr).

yes, i know that now. marcus explained it two posts up.

personally i think its silly to use TitleCase in the example for DefaultCase as its not an accurate depiction of what will actually happen (and the token help page doesnt explain the difference) as its not actually going to follow that example case format when it comes to it, but they dont have any plans on fixing it so theres not much you can do about that.

yeah well, if youre using the DefaultCase format and some daft tvdb user changes the series name halfway through a season, then get sonarr to rename all the files in that season so they line up again.

its either that (which is pretty simple to do) or go create an account at tvdb and edit the series title there - and presuming an admin didnt change it and lock it so you cant fix it, ask them to lock it so no one else can screw it up

I see you have no experience with trying to contribute changes to theTVDB.

They have a well-earned reputation. I know many people who have tried to correct information (including in one case a series creator) and the have all given up trying to submit information or make corrections.

They know best. They are the ultimate authority on all. No one may question them. No one may correct them.

i do, but their stupidity typically only applies to locked series. if its unlocked then you can change it yourself.

i just checked and your issue now is that the network studio (abc) appears to have changed it to all lowercase - which means you are completely out of luck because if you do change it to Black-ish then others will put it back, and then the admins will lock it

if i were you i would edit the series in sonarr and change the series folder to all lowercase, then get sonarr to rename every episode in the series so theyre all the same. its that or constantly bash your head against a wall.