Sonarr wants to rename all my Black-ish episodes to black-ish

Running current Sonarr (3.0.3-687?) and it wants to rename all the episodes of Black-ish to black-ish. I don’t see anyway to tell sonarr that the name is, in fact, Black-ish.

Is this more TVDB idiocy?

looking at the coverart, it would seem the correct name is “black-ish”.
even the official twitter account for the show has it as a lower case “b”.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Nifty. It has been Black-ish on my system for 6 years. Since ‘B’ and ‘b’ are alphabetized separately in Linux/Unix, this is an annoying change.

you have control over the series folder name so does it overly matter?

so long as its consistent within a season you should be ok - and you can just rename all the files in that season if it changed half way

update series set title = "Black-ish" where title = "black-ish”;


That probably won’t survive a series refresh?

Correct, it’ll be gone in ~12 hours.

you can also lowercase everything via the media management settings

if your operating system is case sensitive then why wouldnt you force the same case on everything to ensure consistency? its either that or be tied to the source and at their will should they decide to change it in a way you dont like.