Sonarr v4 - Synology successes and failures

This post is just meant to offer some insight to Synology users, especially on older models where DOCKER was replaced with CONTAINER MANAGER.

First the good news, I’m currently running Sonarr v4 successfully on my older Synology DS1815+ upgraded to DSM 7 using the native app maintained by the syno-community.

Here were some install issues/oddities. When you install Sonarr 4 on Synology, it takes a few minutes to start, let it. When it does finally starts, it asks you for authorization types that DSM requires to choose from a 3 menu drop down. Essentially you’re pick POP UP for type, DISABLE for LOCAL ADDRESSES and then it will ask you for a NEW USER name. For me uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t allow me to actually create a new user so pay attention here. Create a user maybe called SONARR, it will appear under SYSTEM USERS as “SC-SONNARR” because all system users are prefaced with SC- if it comes from the “Synocommunity” application. I then opened a SHARED folder where my media library was and adjusted the permissions for the user to READ/WRITE. It works…for now. It’s also the only place you’ll see these SYSTEM USERS, which don’t appear in the control panel.

Finally, logs show many errors on authorization “no header…” which at first I thought meant it was not working as trying to download old shows weren’t moving into series folders, but I think they may have just been very old or obfuscated. Anyway, the error I believe is due to not authorizing but working due to “DISABLE FOR LOCAL ADDRESSESS”. I think it’s not authorizing, logging the error, then working anyway because it’s a local address.

I’m using Sabnzbd and Sonarr on the same volume and machine.

Previous attempts involved using Docker. this failed for me for a few reasons. First after it successfully ran, I had to restart it 5 or 6 times to get the GUI back, then after some time, it would fail again. Also the directory structure and permissions despite hours of trying just wouldn’t allow Sonarr to move completed downloads to the series folders. This could just be my system, but it was aggravating as hell and gave up. This is probably just my system, but if it happens to you, now we know different.

Finally, Synology disabled root access to the units meaning, you’ll really have to know what you’re doing to delete SYTEM USERS vs normal ones. Not a big deal for me, but just so you know whatever user name you first choose is likely what you’re stuck with unless you want to dig under the hood.

So I’m happy Sonarr is back up and working on my NAS, really missed it and the new features are overall user experience is great. Thank you so much for creating presets for indexers and clients, my god that was so much easier than in the early days.

Prior to this I was running Sonarr successfully for years on DSM 6. Things changed quite a bit in v7 and broke Sonarr. So if you’re still on DSM 6.2, you’ll have to invest a little time learning about all this but it should work in the end.

Finally, my understanding of DOCKER means it’s portable. Is it not possible to create one with Sonarr preinstalled by people who know what their doing and simply adjust a few variables towards the new machine or am I not looking at this wrong?

this already exists, and has for a very long time.

im currently using the linuxserver/sonarr:latest (v3) image - have been since it was v2 based, but they also have a linuxserver/sonarr:development image that is v4 based if you wanted that instead.

they also have images for all the standard media management applications you would use.

other people make images for these as well, you just have to find (google) them

there are instructions out there for setting up sonarr so that moves work - and i have mine setup that way (using a docker image so it can work), i think theres a guide in the faq somewhere, but if you get stuck you can always ask here

I really wanted docker to work. I followed “Frankenstein’s guide” and a think “trash guides” and they walk you through pretty well, but it was a little confusing for me, for my wife or friends this would have been impossible" They need a wizard. I put in a few hours with docker and it just wouldn’t work consistently for me which is why I’m thinking it’s my system. In the end, the shows would download successfully but Sonarr didn’t move them to series folders. It could see the series folders and rename episodes so I didn’t see it as a permission issues, but maybe it was.

That said, native Sonarr came a long way. Just on installs, having the presets for download clients and indexers is huge, I remember the first versions years ago I couldn’t get it to work without a lot of effort. The other little touches are great time savers too when you have hundreds of series to deal with, experience just feels smoother now. So I’m happy to have my PVR back.

Appreciate the help

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