Sonarr v4 is not moving files after download

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
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Debug logs:

Description of issue: Sonarr is able to download and feed to Deluge correctly. The file also download successfully. However, the file will stay at the completed download folder and not moving to the sonarr root directory.

deluge setting

Sonarr setting

I have looked into the trace log and it doesn’t seems like it is picking up to do renaming or moving. There is no error or warning I could found in trace log. And there should be no pathing issue error as I can’t find in the trace log either. Trace log is stated in the beginning of the post.

The trace log should be clean enough, I clear all log before I started download 1 single episode of Re:Monster episode 09.

Deluge download into /downloads. Sonarr Root Folder is called “Anime”. Both Deluge and Sonarr is running as a docker on a NAS. On the NAS, the real path for /downloads is /BTDownload and real path for “Anime” is /BTDownload/New Release/Anime

Check here
and here

Once you make the appropriate changes you should be able to hardlink

I have followed the guide and make the changes as per the guide. Still the same issue, the trace log indicate it is not doing any import. Nothing is log regarding import. And there is no error also.

Debug log:

I have done another testing just using the guide provided.

Deluge client download path : /downloads
Sonarr root path: /downloads/NewRelease/Anime

Both dockers having the same /downloads path and on the same physical path on the NAS.

When the file is downloaded , this red circle area will turn into a purple bar to indicate download progress, which it is working when it is downloading. After download completed, it turn into a “download” icon again because the file never get imported and the file stay at /downloads folder without importing into /downloads/NewRelease/Anime

Sonarr also enabled hardlink

Deluge also enable import

Basically, the file can be download successfully, but nothing got import into Sonarr folder, not even trace log show any sign of import

Sorry, I guess I should have also linked:

Check, correct, then try again.

Otherwise please share updated screenshots of your Deluge client settings, and also Deluge download client settings in Sonarr.

In your initial screenshot at least, your Deluge settings seem incorrect and that would be preventing Sonarr from importing. You do not want your download client doing any moving, only Sonarr.

Just to update, the problem is the BT client Deluge. I changed to qbitTorrent-nox without changing anything would import into the sonarr root directory correctly.