Sonarr v4 Interactive Manual Import Not Detecting Series

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Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Windows 10
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When doing an Interactive Manual Import, v3 used to detect the series but v4 doesn’t. Is that by design or is that a bug?

This is expected behaviour when the folder contains more than 100 files and they belong to different series. If they are in a separate folder for a specific series or there are less than 100 items Sonarr will process them automatically, otherwise you first need to select the series.

Aaah ok i see.

I was importing 255 episodes of Looney Tunes freshly downloaded from HBO Max. They removed a ton of them along with several other shows so i wanted to get them in case they decide to remove more.

I just tried importing another 95 and it selected the shows so i got confused and came here to say it works now but now i know why :slight_smile: