Sonarr V3 Not playing nice with MergeFS; No partial files?

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Linux 18.04 64-bit
Debug logs:

Using Rclone scripts & MergeFS; worked perfect in V2, but
I was using an exclude file (for the .partial) that would stop my script from importing a file in progress of being transferred fully. But from what I see the Partial files are gone so sonarr is now uploading my files before they’re fully transferred from the download client, thus broken episodes. Any ideas on how to fix this? Or possibly re-enable partial files?

When your download client reports the download is done, sonarr will look in the path your download client reports and start processing it (moving into sorted series folder).
Ideally you want the files to be visible to sonarr only when they have finished copying to the path your download client reports.

(I’m assuming you’re having your download client on a remote system, and using some sort of sync tool to copy them to a local path from where sonarr will pick them up for processing.
So first do the slow transfer from your remote download system (seedbox?) into a directory sonarr can’t see, on the same drive where it will pick up files. Then you can instantly move them into the directory from where sonarr will process them, mitigating the risk that sonarr already sees files while they’re still transferring.)

Edit: your logs are not accessible :slight_smile:

I have Sonarr / NZB Get / RuTorrent on the same machine, and all my files are stored on GDRIVE. The Mount option for RClone is way too slow with transfers and makes sonarr hang, so I used mergerfs to make it so sonarr could see my file structure on gdrive and also my ~/local folder in ~/gmedia, with a script auto moving the /local folder periodically to gdrive (10min).

It relied on the .partial files to make sure no broken/in progress files are uploaded. :frowning:

If you have any knowledge or suggestions on an alternative workflow or fix I’d really appreciate it! as moving directly to the gdrive mount is not an option if I want speed & stability

Edit: turns out its built into rclone that it wont move files that are being edited / in progress

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