Sonarr v3 not compatible with Ubuntu v20?

I had been troubleshooting for days to figure out why all of my download clients stopped working in Sonarr/Radarr after I upgraded my seedbox to Ubuntu v20. I finally decided to downgrade it again after no one seemed to have an answer for me. All is working again after the downgrade. Has this been documented anywhere?

V20 - so focal?

Sounds like you were doing something very wrong in your setup. Sonarr is compatible with focal

More likely it’s the Ubuntu update. A lot of Ubuntu distros do not like to run the latest versions of software. I ran into that with several distros based on Ubuntu and finally made a switch to Arch based distros and never looked back. I was unimpressed when I had the latest stable version of a program installed and went to do a major update to the OS and was forced to rollback various software to their previous versions all in the name of keeping the distro stable.

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It might even be the php version that you currently use.
Activate the debug option on it and check what failures come by.

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