Sonarr v3 is unable to parse release when doing an interactive search on an anime season

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
Windows 10 Home
Debug logs:

Description of issue:
What I am trying to do is download a whole anime season pack.

I currently only have 1 download client, Jackett with 1 private tracker, and I didn’t change any settings. My indexer has all the available categories set in Anime, and then the defaults in the other one. And I set the series type to Anime when adding the Anime.

I tried adding an anime via the ‘Add New’ button, going to a season and using the Interactive Search button to search for a season, but all of the searches were rejected. This is a snippet of what I see. It also didn’t seem to pick up all the releases that I could find manually on Jackett. The missing releases have the same naming convention as the picked up releases, but it didn’t show.

Edit: XEM should be able to parse the string, but it’s not:

Edit 2: I looked at the ‘Searches Indexers and Trackers’ troubleshooting page, and realized that the get request sonarr sends doesn’t return the right releases, even if category is blank. I’ll try to see what it’s supposed to be and post another edit.

If the release name doesn’t have a season number or episode range (for some anime packs) Sonarr isn’t going to be able to parse or grab it. You’ll need to grab it manually and properly manually import at the end.

I see. That is what I normally did, but it ended up being such a hassle periodically looking for Blu ray versions of the anime I watch. I was hoping there was a better way to do this, but alas there isn’t. Thank you for your help.