Sonarr v3 Dark Style

Recently started using v3 of Sonarr and love it! But the colors and some other details needed some tweaking I thought, hence this style was born.

Its a darker version of Sonarr v3 original colors + changes for of a few layout choices and decorations. Currently a WIP but thought I should share it with anyone interested. Get it at my Github repo at

Please note it requires an addon called Stylus - or similar - to change Sonarr’s CSS output dynamically.


Loving this theme! Perhaps you could add link on your github for Stylus so it can auto update from the github as Darkerr has. Once you click the click here button it’ll open stylus.

Thanks, glad you like it. :slight_smile:

For now I’ll just leave it as it is, those who know to operate Stylus won’t need any guidance I think.

As for auto-updating: I don’t think it will be many updates(of my styling) that warrant creating something like, when it does have updates I’ll announce them here too.

A small update: some adjustments added, darker colors and a more smooth(ish) top. Some of the backgrounds are now closer in color too.

Download the new version at

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Another release: changed colors to a blue(ish) hue, added several smaller tweaks and glitches from last release.

New version is available at

More tweaks to the dark style + red(ish) dark variation + light variation added.

New version is out, keeping only the dark-green(ish) version. Sonar v.3.0.6 changed quite a lot of CSS classes, meaning this stylesheet did not look correct anymore. Rewritten to a slightly different look than earlier.

As before use Stylus or Stylish to color your Sonarr.

Tweaks on some left-over areas.

Minor tweaks on some menus(white background + light texts changed to readable colors)

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