Sonarr tv series info does not match TVDB

sonarr Version:
Mono Version: 6.8.0
platform: archlinux arm raspberry pi 4

Description of issue:
The TV series info in Sonarr does not match TVDB’s website info for Alone:

I see in the forum that there are problems with TVDB’s API and caches sometimes.

I suspect this info mismatch has been around for more than 24 - 48 hours but I’m not sure. I will wait a while and see.

If sonarr can’t obtain the correct info, do you know how I can correct this or manually search and add the missing episodes to the season in sonarr?

I’ve tried deleting the tv series and re-adding and restarting the sonarr service.

My thanks to the devs for writing sonarr and for the helpers in the forums =]

Have a nice day.

Heh. So this was pretty cool. It live updated while I was replying to this!

Originally didn’t show up in skyhook, so original advice was going to be just wait.

Since I started typing it refreshed and does now show the missing episodes. So if you do an update in Sonarr it should now show the 3 upcoming episodes.

Fantastic! How strange. I think it’s watching us.

When we were watching the show, we thought episode 8 was the last episode and were totally confused for a while!

I thought they’d produced it in a really weird way with no resolution and a weird cliffhanger.

Everyone message fanboy and it will fix itself!!

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