Sonarr TV list display option ? Where is it?

Sonarr version (exact version):
Running on docker Ubuntu
Description of issue:
I have a silly question and hope someone can help. So on sonarr you have the ability to place the TV show path and size via the option button on the top right.

In the past i also set this option when i went into the TV show where it shows the path and file size for each episode.

I went to my new laptop and i dont see those values since these are stored on the local workstation but i cant seem to find where the heck to set these values.

Can someone plz help and tell me where these values are so i can see this for each TV folder. Thx u .

Two columns to the right of size



Thank you. This was driving me nuts for 45 min and i checked all the other options. This button was hiding from me as its so blended. Thank you.