Sonarr tried downloading same episode twice


Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 10
Debug logs:

Specifically, Sonarr tried downloading the an episode on Frb 7th, 2018 at 8:49am. The show is set for SD profile and the download was SD as well, cutoff is SDTV and so was the episode that was supposedly downloaded. Somehow the download doesn’t record in the logs, then at 10:16pm, another download in triggered, this time for a slightly higher res. This downloads correctly and is properly handled by the download handler.

However, I still have an episode sitting in my sonarr download folder, which wasn’t recorded by the logs, caused the first trigger which was completed/cancelled/aborted. Episode is The Flash s04e13

Can someone assist?

P.S. The trace also shows searches for a bunch of tv shows and episodes I have never even heard of. Why is it doing this and not sticking to the shows I have on my list?


If it downloaded and imported it’d be in the history, if it failed, that’d also show.

I don’t see any reference in the logs for the SDTV release.

Please read the FAQ, this is explained there.


I checked the time for the original grab and its around 6am, so I added the log for that time frame as well, as well as a couple of screenshots. That’s all I can find.

Thanks for the FAQ.


Is the release in the correct category in Qbittorrent?

Given previous issues with Qbittorrent (which hopefully are fixed in the next release with some changes we’ve made), I assume that it’s not labeled, Sonarr lost track of it due to that and grabbed another release due to that (which happened to be tagged properly).


I’d removed the file from the download queue in Qbittorrent so can’t tell you. Although labelling is automatic as you know and never had a problem so far.

If it happens again, I’ll keep an eye out for it since it’ll still be stuck in Qbittorent before I manually remove it.

And I’ll update Qbitorrent as needed.

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