Sonarr Synology Docker not working

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
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Description of issue: After a few years of everything working perfectly, I decided to check for updates. I stopped my current version of Sonarr (Docker container on Synology using linuxserver/sonarr:latest) and renamed it to -backup. I then downloaded the latest docker version, duplicated the settings of the backup and started the container but it wouldn’t even connect on port 32900.

I then stopped this latest container and renamed the backup to it’s previous name and restarted. The container started OK on port 32900 but all my settings have vanished along with all my TV shows…indexers etc…

I can see my backups in the GUI. Could someone tell me how to restore my latest backup from 7 days ago? Sorry bit of a noob when it comes to linux :frowning:


Sonarr v2 is super end of life unsupported

Upgrade to at least v3, or v4 beta if you want

Just make sure to grab a copy of your backups before you start so that you have everything

Wiki FAQ has sections on how to restore from backup and how to upgrade

I don’t doubt that…I wanted to upgrade to the latest but it failed so I rolled back. This is what I’m trying to understand…

I checked the restore guide for synology but unsure if this applies to docker? Also those commands don’t seem to tell you how to choose the backup you want to restore to?

Fixed by deleting/recreating it with latest version and importing from existing /tv path, found a good guide on YT - made the most of it by setting up radarr at the same time…all good