Sonarr sometimes doesn't detect the german name correctly

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: debian
Debug logs: PrivateBin
Description of issue: “The Legend of Korra” is not detected in German “Die Legende von Korra”

Hey everyone,

I can’t find a solution for my issue after a few days of researching, so I hope to get some help here.
First of all I want to confirm, that i followed the Trash-Guides-Like Tutorial to get German Releases which falls back to english ones if there aren’t any german ones.

It seems to be a rare issue but in this case “Die Legende von Korra” from the release name is not detected as the correct show because it expects “The legend of korra”.
In the log you’ll find

No matching series Die Legende von Korra

Which is only technically true, because this is the official german name.

The real issue however is, that “Unknown Series” is (obviously) a very valid rejection reason, causing sonarr to download the next best english release which is not the expected behaviour. Because indeed all german releases aren’t detected correctly.


Is there anything on my end I can try?

This doesn’t solve the issue and doesn’t even explain anything regarding the showname not being correctly detected.

As you can see in the Screenshots the Season/Episode are detected correctly.

Fill out the Scene Mapping Request Form linked there.

There’s already an accepted request for the Polish name from November last year.