Sonarr smaller than minimum allowed incorrect [Anime]

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Unraid docker Linuxserver
Description of issue:

The above screenshot shows a release rejected marker for ‘DVD’

Here’s my quality profile with DVD showing:

Sonarr gets its average runtime from THETVDB:

Average runtime is 23min

I have searched for Season 1. Within Sonarr, Season 1 has 32 episodes:
32*23min= 736minutes Season 1 runtime, not 11500min as Sonarr has calculated
multiplying by 5mb: Around 3.7Gb should be the minimum and therefore this release shouldn’t be rejected.

What is the issue? Even if I double it, for e.g. if sonarr thinks it’s double episodes or somerthing, double would be 7.4Gb. I still won’t be able to download the file because it’s 10.1Gb.

10.1Gb/736 minutes is 13.7mb per minute and therefore should fall within my range.

You can reproduce these steps yourself by adding the show, setting the series type to standard episode format and searching Season 1 packs, no need for logs.

Separate issue: After grabbing the S01 pack manually, it added all 500 episodes to the ‘Activity’ section.

After importing and renaming (automatically), it turned the Season 1 counter to 32/32 and made it green. My files are there and they’re on plex but I get huge yellow glaring errors saying “File has already been imported at…[time it was imported moments ago by sonarr itself]” for all 32 episodes on one of the yellow exclamation marks

Steps I had to do to fix this:
Select all Activity
Remove all

Not sure why it seems to be tripping up over itself trying to import my files, not happened before.

I think I’ve figured out the main cause of all the problems.

When searching for Season pack on Season 1 (or ANY season), it thinks it’s looking for a pack for ALL seasons i.e. ALL 500 episodes.

500*23=11,500 mins, so even when the series type is set to standard, not Absolute, it’s using THETVDB’s ABSOLUTE order, instead of the AIRED order

Please can you make it so that when it’s using the ‘Standard’ series type, it uses THETVDB’s aired order?

When searching for Season 2 packs, it incorrectly rejects all Season 2 packs as “Wrong season”, despite the title actually saying S02 - it’s thinking that it must search for a 500 episode pack called “S01” - which is not what is searched when hitting the manual search for S01 or S02!

Here’s hoping one day it will be fixed

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