Sonarr/Skyhook TVDb series ID update

Hey there! As usual, TVDB is making things difficult for people with no explanation and in a way that makes zero sense.

For some reason they removed the anime series “Super Dragon Ball Super Heroes” which Sonarr now, of course, reports as deleted.

There was nothing wrong with the listing, though - they then restored it, but… as a new listing with a new ID, but the same information. It seems like there might have been a crappy duplicate listing with no information associated, but they deleted the original rather than the duplicate and then had to rush to fix the duplicate.

After some searching, I found a similar past issue where you said you could push the new ID through so that it would update the cache without us needing to start over on the series. Is this still possible?

Series: Super Dragon Ball Heroes
Old TVDB ID: 347734
New TVDB ID: 448348


I’ve never added SDBH to Sonarr before but just have, probably at a bad time… Sonarr is only getting the first 2 seasons from TVDB, and no episode names. I’ve tried adding/deleting, searching via the TVDB ID, etc. Anyone else seeing the same behaviour?


Should be good once the various caches expire.

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Good as in the existing entry will update to the new TVDB ID, or good as in I’ll still have to delete and re-add the series?

Edit: I got the name wrong in the OP (at the top, it’s right at the bottom), but the IDs I posted are correct.

The old TVDB ID should redirect to the new TVDB ID automatically.

It looks like they restored the original entry now. What a ride.