Sonarr setup with SSHFS issues

I’m trying to setup remote path mapping using sshfs on Ubuntu, but i’m running into permissions issues. I was able to create a local mount from my seedbox to my local system using this command

sudo sshfs -o allow_other,IdentityFile=~/.ssh/id_rsa /mnt/Software/Iapetus_Seedbox

but permissions prevent me from having r/w access to the files can someone assist??

I use Fedora and have never used Ubuntu but I have a similar setup. I have Sonarr on a separate server than where the media is stored. Instead of sshfs I use NFS or network file system. Under /etc I edit exports file. This allows you to set r/rw/w or however you want. It will want the address to the file/folder you want to share, who to share it with, and the permission.
Example: /mnt/TV_Shows-3

After this you can edit the /etc/fstab file in the receiving computer to automatically mount it.

hope this helps, if you need more info let me know