Sonarr setup in Docker for windows 10

Sonarr version (exact version): (fresh linuxserver/sonarr:latest docker image)
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Windows 10 with Docker for Desktop
Debug logs:
Description of issue: The issue is “Folder is not writable by user abc” when I attempt to setup the root folder for my media.

I am attempting to use Docker on a windows 10 pro setup. I currently have Sonarr running on a windows 10 machine already but I want to consolidate my hardware now that I have a machine that has 12gb memory and 12 core cpu. I want the isolation of each application I want to run that Docker does. I do have little knowledge of Docker but that is on a Synology NAS, which is not that great.

So I have setup Docker for desktop with Portainer as the front end and created a container for Sonarr. The Problem I am having is that I get the message in the console for the container “Folder is not writable by user abc” and I must be missing somehting as I have added the PUID and GUID suggested. But apparently I need to know that host version of the PUID and GUID and being on windows I am not sure how to figure that out. I have a volume setup going to my NAS for the data fodler path and I can see the folder structure when I access but it can’t seem to write to it so I am stuck.

Can any one either point me to a Sonarr setup on docker for Windows scebario, or point me to were I can figure out the access right setup . . . . I have read so many things and I must be missing or I am not making the connection to the right access rights config.

Thank You!

No reason to docker on windows

  • docker + windows = Linux on windows headaches + docker headaches
  • cross OS fun
  • these apps are all available native on windows.

Your issue is ownership and permissions somewhere along the line