Sonarr server always crashes minutes to hours after launch

Sonarr version (exact version):
.NET version: 6.0.13
OS: macOS 14.3.1
Debug logs: PrivateBin
Description of issue: The Sonarr server always crashes anywhere from minutes to hours after launch and I get this alert in the browser: Sonarr has lost its connection to the backend and will need to be reloaded to restore functionality. The Sonar process still appears under ps -A, but I have to kill -9 it in order to kill it… I enabled trace logging but did not see anything suspicious.

Log files may not have the crash written to them, but console logs should, redirecting standard output and error to a file in order to capture those may be necessary.

Per your suggestion i ran Sonar from the command line and captured stdout and stderr. There was no stderr output, but here is the stdout PrivateBin Again, i don’t see anything suspicious in the logs.

Turns out i was accidentally running the x64 build on apple silicon. Sonar no longer randomly crashes when I use the ARM64 build.