Sonarr series pack search not returning results

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Win 10
Debug logs: logs

Description of issue:
I am using Prowlarr to configure my DrunkenSlug indexer. When I manually search for a series pack in Sonarr it does not return any results for complete series. It only returns results for individual episodes. If I search in Prowlarr with the series name and “complete” there are multiple results. I have tried this for a few different series all with the same results.

I understand that the search is using the IMDbId and TVDbId and these are correct
e.g. I select “House of the dragon” and Sonarr searches for “IMDbId:[11198330] TVDbId:[371572]”.
I know that the DrunkenSlug catagory is 5040 and this is in the Sonarr search as “Categories: [5000, 5020, 5040, 5030, 5045]”

If I search search on DrunkenSlug by IMDbId I get the correct result
e.g. a search for House of Dragon ID:11198330 has a series pack as the first result. But this does not show in the Sonarr manual search.
search and output

So what am I missing here?
Can I just get Sonarr to search using the series title instead of IMDbId and TVDbId?

Sonarr does not support complete series packs.

ah that explains it I guess.

But why is there an option to filter by season pack in the search. I am confused

Complete series packs are not season packs. Season packs are a single season.