Sonarr searching for different keywords across indexers

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): N/A
OS: Windows 10
Debug logs: Debug Level Log
Description of issue: Prowlarr searches are not finding “90 Day Fiance” episodes on 1337x because Sonarr requests a search for “90 Day Fiancé” with an accent, which finds no results. Sonarr then requests a search for “90 Day Fiance” without the accent on The Pirate Bay, which are found (but ignored by Sonarr as expected because they don’t have seeders or aren’t 1080). Is there a reason the search terms Sonarr sends is different across indexers? I tried requesting an alias on the Sonarr scene requests page but got a response of “The alias added 6 years ago works just fine”, which doesn’t seem to be the case for me.

How can I get Sonarr/Prowlarr to search for “90 Day Fiance” (without the accent) on 1337x?

Ok so this looks like 1337x uses “raw searches” but when I pull up the TPB .yml, it doesn’t have that raw search. After a cursory Google search, it seems like rawsearch allows the special accented characters to pass through to the search. Any recommendations to get around this? 1337x reliably has the episodes but TPB does not, but I’m unable to get the downloads from 1337x because of this special character.

You’ll have to ask in the #xem channel on the Sonarr Discord, as either there’s an issue with the alias, or it is purposefully ignored by both indexers which support raw search (which I don’t think it shouldn’t be) and also those that don’t (so in total, all indexers) because it would just repeat the same search.

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