Sonarr returns only dubbed anime

Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit:
Debug logs:
Sonarr returns only dub and under the series callendar it doest find anything:


i just setup sonarr and jackket on my windows pc but sonarr only returns dubbed anime or dual audio

in jackett i added nyaa with the category anime and if i search there for the same series i get much more results than on sonarr where i added jackket as torznab and with category anime aswell (sub,dub,raw)

i really dont understand why it is like this

I had a similar thing when I am looking for dubbed and was only getting subbed :joy: if you go into settings > Profiles. Then add in release profiles put sub in there as a higher percentage than subbed.

yeah i tried this now still only returns dubbed

okay i got updates:
sonarr is only searching for the one title
if my friend with the same setup searches the same title it searches every known title of that debug log

okay problem was that the Update Scene Mapping Task did not run

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