Sonarr renaming release group on file naming convention incorrectly

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OS: Docker on Synology
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My source files all have release group in their filenames as shown in the picture above. But when I let Sonarr rename the file, it changes the release group to “Sonarr”. Why? I’ve renamed a lot of files just now not realizing that it does this, so I kinda lost all release groups in these files :frowning:

The main reason why I put the release name in the file name is because the release group is not in the mediainfo of the file.

Is there any way to retrieve the lost release groups for my media files?

Not sure if it matters but this is a new Sonarr docker container so configs are fresh and database is new from scratch. I’m reading that release groups are read from the database from when the files were imported originally. Since this is a new instance, I don’t have that old database of release groups. Why doesn’t Sonarr intelligently use the release group in the file name instead?

I’m spot checking all renamed files now and I see some that retained the release groups. I can’t tell the difference between these files and the files that got tagged with a Sonarr release group though.

@markus101, do you have any ideas on this? This is happening on both Sonarr and Radarr.

@Taloth too.

Lost release group means after import Sonarr lost track of the file and had to parse it from the file name and because you file names don’t follow the standard for release group parsing -RlsGrp Sonarr fails to parse it. You can either edit the file names and rescan to pick them up again or otherwise you’d need to resort to editing the episode files in the DB.

Yeah, I posted this on the Radarr subreddit and we also concluded the same.

When you say “Sonarr lost track” of the file, what do you mean? How does Sonarr parse the release group from the original importing process? Does it also does it do it by release name and store it in a DB?

I kinda solved the issue by editing the filenames to include a bracket on the release groups and it did recognize them. So something like “- [RlsGrp]” instead of “- RlsGrp”. Is there any disadvantage of sticking with what I have now? I jist finished sorting out all my files to follow the new convention.

I also just found out yesterday that -RlsGrp is the standard and it would’ve been helpful if there was a notification about this in the renaming convention field as a warning. Is this something that can be inplemented?

What do you mean editing the episode file in the DB? How do you exactly do that?

Either the file was renamed outside of Sonarr or something causes Sonarr to lose that episode and re-add it later (changes on TheTVDB).

Not sure what you mean, it does store it for later use.

That’s the “anime” style, but either that or RlsGroup (deleting the space after the dash before the release group) will work.

Almost every release name follows that format, we have no plans for a warning, a release group isn’t required.

It’s a SQLite DB, feel free to poke around, but I’m going going into step-by-step instructions.