Sonarr refused connection to local host

**Sonarr version:
**Mono version:
OS: Linux (QNAP NAS)
Debug logs:
Description of issue:

Sonarr has been running fine for some time but failed to connect a day or so ago. I’ve had a firmware update and several reboots over past days. In my search for answers I often get linked to NZBDrone but I don’y understand the connection. Looking at the Resource Monitor for running processes, I don’t see Mono, Sonarr or NZBdrone - should I?

Examining the most recent log file (22nd Sept), I see references to Authentication failures and OPENSSL_internal: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED

Log info pasted to as sonarrfail.

sonarr used to be called nzbdrone, and is still called that behind the screens (name of the executable and in the code).

Excellent! That’s the stuff that’s guaranteed to confuse us noobs.

OK, looking again a running processes, I can see mono shown under Radarr as “sleeping” but no Sonarr/NZBDrone. I’m nervous about re-installing Sonarr because it means re-building its database and I don’t have enough disc space to back up all the TV shows. Sonarr is installed but how can I wake it up and get it to connect to its “backend” process?

Why would you need to back up the downloaded tv shows? Just leave them where they are and instead back up sonarr’s database file and config.xml… That’s a couple of MB and done.

Can you also put a direct link to your debug logs please? Preferrably clear the logs (maybe save the current ones somewhere just to be safe), set them to debug (you can do this in config.xml) and start sonarr again (however you usually do this on a QNAP).

My apologies, I do have a debug log, I’ll upload it now.

Uploaded as sonarrdbuglog.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of Linux is zilch. Sonarr comes from QNAP Club and is supposed to be V3 but I’m unsure as the structure seems at variance with the document you pointed me to. I’m assuming I should back up the db and config.xml, delete Sonarr, install Sonarr then restore the backed up files. Lack of opsys knowledge make me nervous.

Backup/restore hasn’t really changed between v2 and 3, it’s still the db and xml. I’d say make sure sonarr is not running when you copy the db, but I guess that’s already the case…

As indicated, I was nervous about my lack of Linux knowledge. As it turned out, the solution was simpler than I imagined. I located and backed up the db and config.xml then deleted and installed Sonarr and it all began to work. Problem resolved! Thank you.