Sonarr + Qbittorrent

Need help with the file moving / deleting features in the Sonarr + qbittorrent

ive configured sonarr to move or save to my network drive correclty Y:/TV SHOWES
but qbittorrent still saves it to local pc C:/downloads ive checks all the boxes only thing works is " delete torrent after download but then it wont find it via network for seeding?
sonarr has no problems sending the message to qbittorrent to download any file
once finished its seeding and its in my local C hdd as well as network Y: (NAS) i want to move all to the NAS instead but ill be change from time to time with tv shows , movies etc… so i dont want the qbittorrent to save just in one folder it has to move around saving as per sonarr does.

any thoughts?

Provide the information requested in the original template you deleted. Also provide the version of qBittorrent.

Im having the same issue. Sonnar is pointing to \QNAPNAS\Plex_TV (NAS drive) but qbittorent version 4.6.4 downloads locally C:\Downloads.

It may be easier for you to start a new issue and just link to this one.