Sonarr on ReadyNAS 516 extremely slow/nearly unresponsive on webGUI

First, I really want to like this program. It looks like there are a bunch of great features. It would seem that I’m doing something wrong which I can’t find information for in any of the FAQs I’ve read. I would love any help you can provide!

Sonarr version:
Mono version:
OS: ReadyNASOS with Firmware 6.9.5 (latest)
Device: ReadyNAS 516
Debug logs: I can’t pull my logs via the UI because anything I click on endlessly has the four dots sliding side to side. I installed Sonarr to /opt/NzbDrone I tried to find logs in this folder but there was no /logs subfolder.
Description of issue: I have installed Mono (via command line) and then Sonarr (again via command line) and when I open the GUI at localhost:8989 everything is extremely laggy. I can see shows in the series tab, but I don’t see the software ever becoming responsive or a page loading the elements, the dots just dance left and right irrespective of what I try.

Additional Context:
When I run TOP I can occasionally see mono show up but nothing on the box is taking more than 0.3 of the CPU or MEM.

I followed the installation steps for Debian/Ubuntu here:

I’m simply confused about what is causing this excessive lag given that I don’t see an obvious culprit. I’d love any advice you might have.

Not a lot we can help with without logs (and a long list of things it could be). See below.

Link for info about logs (including how to change log level when you don’t have WebUI access:

Link to info about the AppData Directory (including locations on various platforms):

Also, @JBDragon1, are you still around and using this same device?

Yes, I’m still around. Been using Sonarr and Radarr on my 516 for quite some time now and both are working great. Both update like they should. How I did it? It’s been so long and I’m no Linux expert but a little googling around I figured it out.


Thank you for your help. I wanted a surface a few updates to get your take:

1/ I’m booting the app via this command: mono --debug /opt/NzbDrone/NzbDrone.exe I learned to do this via this article:

I’m not sure if the --debug is required each time. Could it be what is causing my problem?

2/ I finally discovered where log files were stored. It was a hidden folder… /root/.config/NzbDrone/logs

I rebooted the app via command line option: mono --debug /opt/NzbDrone/NzbDrone.exe /terminateexisting

I enabled trace logging, and waited for it to stall again. It eventually did about 24 hours later. I looked in the logs but nothing obvious stands out besides the fact that the logs just… stop even though the app was still live in a browser. Here is a zip of the log files (Debug & Trace): (The forum instructions recommend you dump a full log, but when looking at the Trace I didn’t see much for errors/warns so I included multiple since the logs are so verbose)

Any ideas?

Following up. I’m still unable to reliably use Sonarr.

that is no fun. I have been dealing with other things and haven’t been able to get on to respond.

I can’t access that link. You need to make it public.

I am swamped at the moment, but I will try to look at the logs at some point this weekend.

Couple of things you can do:

  1. run journalctl -xfe from your command line and watch to see what the system system is doing when you log into the sonarr page. If it is scrolling too fast you can stop it or pipe it to more so you can review it, just don’t leave it running forever that way.
  2. run it without debug and with normal logging (won’t help troubleshooting, but it will let you know if the logging is causing issues (shouldn’t be, but stranger things have happened).
  3. Make sure you have enough disk space
  4. make sure your download client isn’t using all of your bandwidth
  5. backup sonarr, uninstall it, get rid of the app data, reinstall it, Let it run with nothing and see if that works for a while, if it does, restore from the back up and see if that works for a while, if it does, you are good, if it doesn’t, doing it again without restoring from backup may be your easiest option (the other option is removing series one at a time and then settings, and …quicker to start over)

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