Sonarr not seeing episodes already on disk


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Description of issue: I’m running Sonarr in a Dockerimage on my Synology NAS. It is doing great! I have one issue. I have mounted my Series folder to \tv on the Sonarr image. On my Series folder I have a folder for each Series i.e. “Colony” and then often a Season 1 subfolder and then the files. However if I update the library of rescan the series, Sonarr does not discover them. So I went to “Wanted” and manually imported one series. I point it to the Colony subfolder and then it finds all episodes. I mark them all and import. The default is the “move” and what happens is that Sonarr creates a subfolder with the series folder, which now means I have “Colony/Colony/Season 1”. The same happens when I do a manual scan from the root directory. How do I avoid this dual-series folder creation? What am I doing wrong?


Did you set /tv/Colony as a root folder? You should only set /tv as root folder. Sonarr will then find or create the series folders itself.


/tv is the root folder. In the image it’s mapped to the Series mount point on the Synology NAS, but as far as Sonarr is concerned, it is /tv.


Oh, wait, you’re onto something I think.

In the image indeed /tv is the root folder. The Edit Series however shows /tv/Colony/Colony.

So I changed that to /tv/Colony, but then it says “Path is already configured as a root folder”


So I now removed the series from the series menu, to then add it again with a path of /tv. But then I get an error again “Path is already configured as a root folder”

When I add it with /tv/Colony as a path, it creates the additional Colony directory.

I’ll tinker some more.


Further tinkering with removing and re-adding the series still leaves me with the challenge as stated I’m afraid.


Ok… let’s see. I’m also using sonarr in the linuxserver docker on synology, so our setups are virtually the same…

When you add a series, this is what the path dropdown should look like:


If you have multiple paths there (e.g. /tv/Colony, /tv/otherseries…) that’s incorrect.
To fix: remove the series that are in there from sonarr, then click the “add a different path” option in the dropdown above. From the Select Folder dialog, you can use the red x to delete everything and only keep /tv/.

Then you can add the series again and just select /tv/ as the path. That should do it, I think.


That did the trick!
Many, many thanks Thirrian!


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