Sonarr Not Saving to Season Folders

Hey guys, I’m new to Sonarr. I just installed the latest version for Windows and I use qbittorrent to download. I already have a very large collection of TV Shows and looking to use Sonarr to help maintain going forward. Everything I have is already properly sort into folders with the series name, then season folders and every episode is properly named with the usual “Series Name - S01E01 - Episode Title” format

I just did a test using Succession as there was an episode last night that I haven’t downloaded yet. Sonarr found the episode, downloaded it, renamed the episode and moved it to my NAS into the Scuccession folder but didn’t put the episode in the Season 4 folder where I expected it to go and instead Sonarr created a new folder just for the episode and named the folder "Succession - S04E - "

I can’t figure out why this would be the default action and I can’t figure out how to just save the episode into the correct folder like you’d think the software would do out of the box?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

That’s definitely not the default behaviour.

Go to Sonarr > Settings > Media Management, show advanced settings, and provide a screenshot of your Episode Naming section.

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