Sonarr not removing items from Activity list


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: QNAP 4.3.5
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Some items remain in activity list after a successful download and import and the only way to delete them is to remove entry from downloader

I have a list of a number of random entries in the Activity list which show no files eligible for import, no time left and no status. On the download client, the download has finished and completed successfully. When you look at the history for the item in question, you see there is only the grab, BUT, the file has actually been imported, renamed and exists in the directory, and when you look at Files for the item it is there.

So basically Sonarr is importing the items correctly, but somehow not logging to itself that it did so, thus leaving the Activity item still active.

Most items process through correctly, but every now and then some items will not. It seems to be in batches, such as all the ones in a particular time period.

Yes, I understand that I can click on the X to remove it, but this also removes the history from the download client, which I do not want to do in the case of NZB items, and in the case of torrent items, I surely do not want to do until seeding is done. If there was a way to just remove the ‘Activity’ item without affecting the download client that would be awesome, but there isn’t.

Has anyone seen this problem?

It appeared to start after the 2018-06-23 update.

I do see a lot of 'import failed, path does not exist…" log entries for these items, but that’s because when Sonarr imported it, it deleted the completed-download directory as I have it configured to do. But every time it looks for completed downloads, it doesn’t find them and logs it for each item.

I am NOT posting the log files because the logs from all of the items are long gone, as I never know when this problem occurs until later and by that time the log is full of entries ‘import failed’ as it tries to import these items again over and over (but it already has and doesn’t know it). The logs presently only go back to the beginning of TODAY and not back to the day the issue occurred.


I’ve had this happen as well both due to my dual sonarr setup and with partially failed downloads in a single instance. In both cases the issue were due to sonarr not being able to identify that a download had failed (or been replaced for whatever reason) and so a manual removal was the only way.

I won’t hazard a guess as to the reason but yes it’d be nice to be able to remove a download from sonarr without it being removed from the client as well, for a variety of reasons.


Is Sonarr actually importing those downloads?

The fact that it doesn’t have any record of the import in history leads me to believe it’s not unless it’s crashing immediately after the file imports, but before it’s added to the database.

Definitely going to need debug logs of it happening to begin to understand how it’s ending up in this scenario.


Thanks for your reply.

Yes. It is definitely and correctly importing the files.

In the activity list when you click on the episode title, you get the overlay window which shows the quality, then down below it shows the actual file in the correct directory. The file is actually there where it says and is playable. When you click on the History tab, the only thing is the snatch.

I will try to keep an eye on it, as it does not happen all the time. As far as I can tell the last one happened about seven days ago, so maybe it’s due to happen again.

Any thoughts on how to eliminate the entries in the activity page WITHOUT deleting the history on the nzb download agent (SABnzbd)? On utorrent, I was able to change the label on those entries from TV to seeding and then Sonarr didn’t see them any more and the activity entries went away. The same thing with labels in SABnzbd did not work.

Actually, I mis-stated: On SABnzbd you cannot change the label after a download is done, so I can’t do the same trick.


The only thing you can do to not delete the history in SAB (and not tweak SAB’s database) would be to wait for more history items to show up, Sonarr only fetches the last 30 items from SAB’s history so they’ll disappear eventually.


re: ameneon comment: I only have one instance of Sonarr, and as far as I can tell these particular episodes which remain in the Activity queue were NOT involved in any sort of download failure or anything like that. They were Sonarr initiated downloads that completed on the download agent successfully first time and were picked up.


The items in the activity were WAY past 30 items. I have 50/page and they were on the 2nd page near the end.

I went ahead and deleted them because if I didn’t Sonarr was going to keep filling the log with the attempts to import. This way I’ll have a clean log and at least have some chance to catch the log next time it happens.

I’ll post back here once I have another instance.

Thanks for the help so far.

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