Sonarr not removing download tasks from Deluge and downloaded files after importing

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: docker on Synology NAS
Debug logs: sonarr tracelogs · GitHub
Description of issue:

I have Sonarr set up to use hardlinks when copying files that are still seeded by Deluge, and to remove download tasks from Deluge when seeding is finished. But when seeding is finished and the task is paused by Deluge, Sonarr does not remove the task and the file in the download folder is also not removed. The same applies to Radarr as well by the way.

This is the process that happens:

  1. Sonarr sends download task to Deluge
  2. Deluge completes downloading the torrent and starts seeding
  3. Sonarr hardlinks the files to the correct media folder and keeps a file in the download folder
  4. The AutoRemovePlus plugin in Deluge pauses the task after set seeding time or ratio conditions are met
  5. Sonarr does not remove the paused task and does not remove the file from the downloads folder

How can I get Sonarr to remove the task from Deluge and remove the file from the downloads folder?

Pause may be considered different to stop?

Also please don’t post trace logs unless requested. Typically debug is sufficient. Trace is too verbose and difficult to dig through.

Check Trash Guide to see if there’s anything glaring that jumps out

There is no stop in Deluge, only seeding or paused. I’ve also used Trash’s guide to set it up initially. My folders and permissions are set up within one volume as instructed there. Previously I used qbittorrent in a docker and sonarr/radarr did remove the task and the file in the download folder through qbittorrent. But unfortunately I’ve had connection problems with my VPN so I had to use Deluge.

Well, I posted trace logs because that’s what the instructions said when posting… But here is a debug log: 2022-12-16 08:13:14.9|Debug|Api|[GET] /api/v3/command: 200.OK (2 ms)2022-12-16 -

While reproducing the problem for this debug log I initially had another weird error where sonarr did not even import the downloaded file to the correct media location. It also didn’t show the download under Activity.
When trying again with another version of the episode, it did work. It was displayed under the Activity section and correctly imported to the media folder from the download folder. Then deluge paused the torrent file after meeting its conditions (with autoremoveplus plugin), but Sonarr does not remove the download task and also not the file in the download folder.

OK. I haven’t torrented in a long time so unsure on the nuances and verbiage of current clients.

Yeah the instructions are a bit ambiguous as to what to actually post. The post template says debug. The wiki says debug or trace depending on what is asked, and the instructions reference trace. So…?? but typically debug is what you want to start with.

That said, I’ve had a look through both and couldn’t find anything to indicate why it isn’t working. You said you have Remove Completed enable in your Deluge settings in Sonarr. AFAIK that should be all that is required. Logs indicate it seems to be registering the event properly

2022-12-16 08:20:05.1|Debug|DownloadEventHub|[Slow.Horses.S02E01.WEBRip.x264-ION10] Marking download as imported from Deluge

Hopefully someone else will have some insight.

No one has any idea how to fix this?
It’s quite an annoying issue that the torrents and the data in the download folder that radarr/sonarr add do not get removed. I tried to tackle it in another way by using AutoRemovePlus plugin in Deluge, but the you can only set the remove rules globally meaning that torrents I add manually outside of sonarr/radarr also get removed with data.

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