Sonarr not picking up stuff that I know is on my indexer


Win 10 pro x64

I noticed today that Sonarr had not grabbed Top Chef yesterday. When I checked NZB.SU with nzbhydra, it showed the episode had been available in the quality I wanted for 21 hours. I grabbed it with Hydra and it downloaded no issues. My settings are to sync every 15 minutes so I don’t understand why it hadn’t gotten the episode.

Which made me do some more searches, and this is not an isolated case. There is a show called Get Krackn that is up to the third episode. Sonarr grabbed one, but never grabbed 2 or 3; both were available in my preferred 720p on I also have Russian Doll as wanted, but Sonar hasn’t grabbed a single episode of the series despite it looking like the entire run is available in my preferred 720p on

I have attached my logs. From what I saw in the debug log, I think I have several different issues occurring at the same time for the series mentioned, but I won’t speculate further because I don’t understand how this works very well.

Can anyone explain how to fix the issues I am having?



Common reasons things aren’t grabbed:

  • Sonarr never saw it on the RSS feed (issues with the feed or Sonarr was off/the computer was sleeping)
  • Sonarr grabbed it and it failed
  • It’s not monitored

Is your only indexer?
What does the history for the episode show?

I don’t see anything in the logs for Top Chef or Get Krackn in the logs (except for an import), so it’s impossible to say why it didn’t grab it.

Did you add it after it aired? If so you’ll have to search for it, unless it was reposted, this is in the FAQ.

#3 is indeed my only indexer. I used nzbplanet as well for abou 6 months but it seemed like it wasn’t ever getting used.

I do manual searches constantly, almost ever day. I did 3 yesterday. It still never picked Russian Doll up. I just downloaded the Russian Doll episodes with nzbhydra off searching and they all downloaded fine in 720p. From the debug log it looks like Sonarr isn’t getting them because it doesn’t think they’re in english, for some reason (but they are)

19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|DelaySpecification|Ignoring delay for user invoked search
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|HistorySpecification|Skipping history check during search
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Release rejected for the following reasons: [Permanent] English is wanted, but found Russian
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Processing release '' from ''
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|Parser|Parsing string ''
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|Parser|Episode Parsed. Russian Doll - S01E01 
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|Parser|Language parsed: Russian
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|QualityParser|Trying to parse quality for
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|Parser|Quality parsed: WEBDL-720p v1
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|Parser|Release Group parsed: NTG
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|AlreadyImportedSpecification|Performing alerady imported check on report
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|AlreadyImportedSpecification|Skipping already imported check for episode without file
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|AcceptableSizeSpecification|Beginning size check for:
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|AcceptableSizeSpecification|Possible double episode, doubling allowed size.
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|AcceptableSizeSpecification|Item:, meets size constraints.
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|MaximumSizeSpecification|Maximum size is not set.
19-2-22 21:11:55.3|Debug|LanguageSpecification|Checking if report meets language requirements. Russian

Circling back to Top Chef, Sonarr finally grabbed the episode at 10pm last night, which is almost 24 hours after it hit the indexer. Maybe the episode that aired on-time wasn’t indexed right? This is the RSS stream:

The release at Thu, 21 Feb 2019 23:18:12 is the one that I think it should have grabbed but didn’t. The one Sonarr grabbed a day later was different.


I’ve noticed this for shows with an ampersand in the name. The official title will be “Desus & Mero” for example and the releases will be labeled as “Desus and Mero” which leads to 0 results.


I have come across sonarr simply not picking up items from the indexer time and time again. I’ve even gone to the lengths sending a missing episode search command to sonarr via http automatically daily and wedging my own web server between sonarr and the indexer so I can log the exact XML that is being received during sonarr’s search. I can see the episodes in the XML, the XML is not broken in any way I can determine, yet sonarr simply will not detect the episode. So I give up and if I notice anything not being found I push it through to nzbget manually, it downloads, and sonarr picks it up from the completed downloads.

Just accept that sonarr is ‘quirky’ but free.


Well, if that’s how it is, then that’s how it is.



That’s just due to the title, setup a profile that allows Russian for now.

Sonarr automatically replaces & with and when searching (if it has to use the title at all).

Does Sonarr see it on the RSS feed? Check the debug logs from around when it’s posted. I have never had an issue with things not being grabbed, but we do see it with free (limited) indexers, single indexer setups or Sonarr not running.

That’s definitely not the experience most users have, a second indexer will probably go a long way.


Ok, I have added back nzbplanet in addition to - both are paid accounts, not limited.


@markus101 Has there been a fix for similar issues in any of the recent releases or is this still in the TODO list?
Just asking because I had a similar issue today with which was detected as Italian



is closed it’ll be a problem.


Will subscribe for updates to the issue. Thanks.


Hi all

Glad to see im not the only one having this issue.

I have 9 indexers setup and sonarr for whatever reason will not grab louis theroux : the night in question.

Even when doing a manual search its returning no results at all

Its grabbing most other things although i did have the issue with the russian dolls above but got that sorted.

Any ideas ?

Im using sabnzbd. Is there even a way to send it directly from indexer to sab ?

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