Sonarr Not Moving/Renaming Completed Torrents


Sonarr version
Mono version
OS : Docker running on unRaid

There is nothing relevant in the logs

Sonarr is not moving completed torrents. At first, I thought it might be a paths issue as I am running Deluge and Sonarr in dockers but I set up Radarr using the exact same paths and internal program settings and it works so not a path issue.

There are no relevant errors or warnings in the Sonarr logs which I have set to debug.

The torrent is added to Deluge and progress is tracked by Sonarr and then it gets to >95% and then next update just goes back to missing. In Activity History the torrents show as downloading with the black cloud not the red one.

I have Drone disabled but if I enable it the files get moved so it is not a file permissions error.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of things I could possibly be looking for / testing?

Given Radarr and Sonarr have so much overlap it is very strange that one works while the other does not with the same settings.


Sounds like Deluge is removing the torrent when it finishes and Sonarr is unable to import it it (or the category is changed).


what happens in deluge for manual jobs? do they get removed from the queue automatically or do you have to manually remove them?

if they get removed automatically on completion then thats most likely your issue and its just coming down to a timing issue due to sonarr not checking the download client queues all that often, im not sure exactly what its interval is but it seems to be above 60 seconds, so its UI isnt very accurate when it comes to that, which is not really an issue (its just an indicator of progress) just pointing out that if you (manually) or your download client removes the job from its queue before sonarr has had a chance to see that its completed then sonarr will no longer be able to see it and will remove it from its queue as well, so it effectively disappears

double check the sonarr debug logs again and see if theres any reference to the job no longer existing in the download client. ie search on the episode name and follow it through the logs