Sonarr not moving files after import

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Server 2016
Debug logs:
Description of issue: After importing files very few are moved to folders. Started 2 weeks ago. If I try to manually (Automatically) move they also don’t move.

These are a few episodes that were imported, but not moved to folders -
South Side
The Terror
The Affair

Please upload the files as an unformatted text file instead of a google doc that change the formatting (as mentioned in the template).

We’ll also need to know which release in that particular log file you want us to look at.

I updated the post with .txt url and provided some names of affected series.

I don’t see any attempted imports in that debug log, looks like it’s only an RSS Sync.

What does Sonarr show for these completed downloads in Activity: Queue?

Dash on “Time Left” and “Progress” is blank. But if I go to the series and hover over purple bar the episodes are 100% downloaded.

I tried the Manual Import in Activity Queue and it moved to the folder.

Hover over the icon on the left, it’ll say why it didn’t importing it.

“Drone factory folder ignored,” but it’s been like that for awhile. When I turn drone factory off it only sees 3 files pending. How can I fix so that it sees the rest? Do I need to create another folder? Should I add directory folder to download client page?

You need to clear the path for the Drone Factory, not just disable it.

Sonarr’s queue comes from what it sees in your download client. If items no longer exist in the download client Sonarr won’t see them and you’ll want to use Manual Import to import the files.

Cleared and Zeroed drone factory out. Left it alone for 24 hours and it started working again.

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