Sonarr not importing/renaming files

Sonarr version
Mono version 6.10:
OS: macOS 10.15.6 Catalina
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Newly set up sonarr is not importing/renaming files.

Hello everyone. I’m having an issue with sonarr setup on a new computer where it’s triggering SABnzbd to download shows, but it’s not importing them. They’re not marking off as downloaded in sonarr, so it keeps downloading other versions, despite the cutoff being met. It’s also not moving them to the appropriate folder or renaming them. It’s just leaving them in downloads/complete as whatever they download as. I had it working with no issues on my old computer. I’ve gone line by line, tab by tab on the settings for both SABnzbd and sonarr comparing both computers and everything is the same. I’m not sure what I’m missing here. If anyone has any thoughts, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

From searching around, what I found was some similar occurrences where people had the system set up to delete it from the SABnzbd history which would cause it not to import. This isn’t the case though as that setting isn’t on and the shows still appear in the SABnzbd history. Thanks everyone.

Do they show up in Activity: Queue in Sonarr?
If so, hover over the icon on the left to see why they aren’t importing.
If not, then there is something preventing Sonarr from getting the history from SAB, check debug logs to see what’s going on.

They’re not in the Activity side of the queue, but they’re showing up in the History tab. The icon is a cloud with the down arrow. It says it was grabbed and sent to the download client.

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 10.19.17 PM

Edit: They’re not in the Queue tab of Activity, but I imagine they were when they were being grabbed.

If they’re not in Activity: Queue then were they removed from SAB’s history? Or are they in a different category in SAB?

I’m not seeing them when they’re actively downloading, so I’m not sure if they’re showing up in Activity: Queue, but I’d have to assume they are. I see them in the history for both SAB and sonarr. Screenshots attached. I’ll get one of something in progress as well. Thank you for your help.

I’ve got one manually going and it does go in Activity: Queue while downloading. Anything that downloads though just sits in the sonarr folder and never renames and goes into a TV show folder. It doesn’t check them off as completed in sonarr either, so it’ll download another copy later still trying to get it.

Right, because it’s not showing up in Activity: Queue for some reason.

In SAB, which category are the downloads in?
In Sonarr’s settings for SAB which category is it set to use?

Grab some trace logs after a download completes as well.

SAB settings show the category as sonarr and show the path as /Users/…/Downloads/complete/sonarr, which is where the sonarr folder is located.

SAB settings in download clients for sonarr show the category as sonarr also.

I turned trace logs on, so I’ll download something and report back. Thank you for taking the time to help. I appreciate it.

After checking out the logs, it seemed to be a permissions issue. Did some googling and added Sonarr to full disk access and added bin/sh to full disk access as well and this has fixed it all. The page I was reading it on looked to be some bug discussion from a beta build that you guys were troubleshooting. As long as there are no issues to adding bin/sh to full access, it seems I’m back in business. Thank you for your help.

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