Sonarr not grabbing season packs at all, and refusing to grab episodes even though they are acceptable

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OS: Ubuntu 18.04
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I’ve recently been having this issue where Sonarr almost never manages to download a complete season. I have this one show that I can consistently reproduce it on called The Last Dance. If I hit the season search, it only grabs the last 3 or 4 episodes EVEN THOUGH there are torrents for each of the other episodes that are acceptable.

If I manual search for the full season, I see releases that are acceptable (no red exclamation mark). If I manual search for the episodes it never downloaded, I again see acceptable releases. For some reason when I try to automatically search a full season it can’t manage it.

I’ve looked through the logs and it looks like it accepts the releases, but somewhere along the lines the full season releases get removed and somehow the individual episodes do too until there are only 3 or 4 episodes left.

I’d really prefer if Sonarr would grab full season packs. Any help here would be awesome I’ve been trying to debug and stare at these logs for so long and can’t get any more info out of them :frowning:

It looks like it grabbed The Last Dance S01E09 REPACK 1080p WEB H264-AMRAP because it was the best release available, which resulted in season packs being skipped because one or more episodes wasn’t needed and because not every episode had results (there were only 34 results) not every episode was grabbed.

This is a bit of an edge case where Sonarr got some solo episodes that had a higher quality than the season pack, but most episodes were not returned. Interactive search would let you pick which result you want if you run into a similar issue.

Is there no way to configure sonarr to grab best season pack that is acceptable, and defer to individual episodes if no packs exist? I’d really rather have it add automatically, and this is a fairly common edge case for me… in fact it happens nearly every time I request a full season. Episodes are always missing when full packs exist.

Not directly. You could tell SOnarr not to prioritize repacks/propers to avoid that issue.

But then I would potentially be downloading broken torrents when a proper for it exists right? It would skip all propers, when in reality I would want the proper if that torrent happens to be the best release

The only way to prefer a season pack over a better quality (proper/repack applies directly to quality) would be to do something with preferred words.

Apply a negative score to releases with an episode number (/E\d{2}/i or similar regex), and add a small score for propers/repacks (you’d want the negative score to be bigger than the positive score so a repack for a single episode is still less than a season pack).

Where would I make these adjustments? I might be able to figure something out… although I still want repacks to be grabbed over the corrected files. So I’d need them to be scored higher than their counterpart, but lower than season packs? Not sure what to do about that.

Do you know why it stops at only a few episodes though? I could be ok with it grabbing episodes instead of season packs I’d it would grab releases for them all instead of just a few.

Edit: instead of using regex on names, can I apply higher scores to categories such as TV/pack?

Edit2: ahh I see, in release profiles. Any chance do you know where I can find the value a repack is increased by? If I could increase packs by that value +1 it would solve my problem entirely (prefer packs, then repacks, then regular in that order)

Prefer propers/repacks is a setting in media management and bypasses release profile preferred words scores. As Marcus said, you want to disable that setting and fiddle around with scores only, for your use case.

Alright it looks like that worked! My solution was to create a new release profile with no tags so it applies globally with only these 2 preferred terms:

/REPACK/i | 1
/E\d{2}/i | -2

So this will make all episodes lower score, but put REPACKS higher than their lower quality alternative. Just tested it out and it works so far :slight_smile:

You guys have been very helpful, thank you!!