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So I have been using v3 for about a week or two now and it is great. I love the preferred words system. However, I have noticed that sometimes when i am trying to get anime in dubbed, it will grab the release that is listed without a preferred score even if one with a score is available. If I do a manual search I can see the release that is scored as preferred and meets the conditions but it still decides to ignore this and grab a different release without a preferred score.

I have this issue with other anime such as Boruto, where it refused to choose the preferred release even when it meets all the conditions and is acceptable to grab.

I have uplodaded some images to show what comes out as preferred and the option it grabs instead.

Preferred Release

Chosen/Grabbed Release

Trace Log

You have to put all the resolutions in the same group in the quality profile if you don’t want it to prefer 720p webdl over 720p HDTV.

I believe this is what I have already in the profile settings.

All the resolutions in my profile are listed below:


Make a screenshot of the details pane of your profile, that’s easier to interpret.

No, currently you only have Webrip-720p and WEBDL-720p in the same group. You have to open it and edit so that only one resolution is listed at the level you made the last screen shot from.

Here is the details pane screenshot for the 720p profile:

Did you mean click the edit groups button at the top and split webrip-720p and webdl-720p into two separate options?

Quality is always considered better than preferred words in sonarr. Within a quality group, anything is considered to be of the same quality. So in your example a webdl-720p and webrip-720p are considered to be of the same quality.

If multiple releases in the same quality or quality group are found, sonarr will then use preferred words to pick the best one from those.

If you care more about preferred words rather than quality, you have to merge the qualities you want into one big group.
So you may want to combine webdl-720p, webrip-720p, hdtv-720p into a single group, if that’s what you’re after.

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No, the opposite. Put the HDTV-720p and Bluray-720p into WEB 720p. You can rename it 720p if you like to reflect that it includes everything.

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Thanks Thirrian & Snuser, I added all the relevant qualities into groups as suggested and that fixed my issue! :slightly_smiling_face:

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