Sonarr not grabbing downloaded Episodes (with logs)

Sonarr version - Aug 14 2019

I’ve the lastest Sonarr version running on Docker / DSM, for over a year now, and everything worked fine until now.

Problem is, for no apparent reason Sonarr stopped grabbing my downloaded episodes from Transmission (they are idle at 100% with status “seeding complete”, although sending them from Sonarr to Transmission (manually or automatically) is no problem at all.

I enabled trace logging and downloaded suits s09e05, logs here:

Can you please help? I really do not understand what is the issue, I’ve changed no configurations or paths at all.

edit: I don’t remember the previous behaviour, but I see that on the downloads folder (my default por transmission) i see the download tv show folder empty, but it seems to be on Incomplete. So if go to Sonarr i can’t manual import because it says that there is no video files on the folder.

So perhaps the issue is that transmission for some reason is not moving the video file from the /downloads/incomplete/nameXXXX to /donwloads/nameXXXX ?

Part of my transmission (on docker) configuration:

“download-dir”: “/downloads”,
“download-queue-enabled”: true,
“download-queue-size”: 5,
“encryption”: 1,
“idle-seeding-limit”: 1,
“idle-seeding-limit-enabled”: true,
“incomplete-dir”: “/downloads/incomplete”,
“incomplete-dir-enabled”: true,
“lpd-enabled”: false,

In the logs you can find transmission’s response to Sonarr’s queries (search transmission/rpc: torrent-get).
Your idea that transmission isn’t moving from incomplete could be correct, but you need to find out why. Perhaps check the transmission logs?

Apparently tranmission stopped having transmission to write on /downloads.

This is obvious because I made it download files directly into that diretory rather than /downloads/incomplete, and it says permission denied on the front.

This is strange because I’m using transmission on docker.

Any idea on how to fix this quickly?

Fix the permissions. I can’t help you there.

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