Sonarr not following file size rules

Sonarr version (exact version):

OS: Win 10 Pro

Description of issue: Ever since i’ve ran Sonarr it doesn’t follow the file size rules for the 1st and last episode of every season of every show even if the previous episode is the exact same length in minutes as the finale of the season. I have my file size limits set and they work on every other episode but the 1st and last of every season it will download an 8 gig episode if available when my limits are set to 3.6 gigs for 60 mins. This issue has been ongoing for a few years now across multiple sonarr versions and multiple systems as ive upgraded a few times now, Every so often i gotta go through the server and delete/replace all those massive episodes manually because they start to add up when you have 60k episodes of shows

Below image are my Sonarr file size settings

Example showing it thinking an almost 8 gig episode is fine since its the last episode of a season

Example of Settings working on the exact same show/season just the previous episode and is only 1 second shorter of an episode

First and last episodes are allowed to be double the size to account for double-length premieres and finales.

Also, you should update to v4.

Nah no point unless v4 fixes that stupid rule where it allows double the file size, thats all I care about fixing because thats stupid AF. If i have 3.5 hour movies that are full 1080P and 4 gigs max why would there be any reason for a tv show to be 7+ gigs when its NEVER going to be as long as any movie… makes absolutely no sense.

A double-length episode for a series that would normally be 45mins per episode, would be as long as many films.

v3 has been EOL since December. Among the many other changes to v4, it allows for setting a preferred size, as well as min and max. So even if you weren’t to change the max size (which it sounds like you should do if somehow 4GB is adequate for a 3.5hr 1080p film for you), you can set a lower preferred size.

Thanks for the replies it sounds like its worth trying if there’s more size settings i can mess with i’ll give that a try. I have about 50 ish people on my server and cap it at 10 mbs 1080p so my reasoning for having 4 ish gigs max for movies and preferably 2 ish gigs for 1 hour tv shows is just to keep things reasonably sized. I’m at about 70 tb used on the server and have 15 ish tb left so if i went crazy with file sizes id eat up a few more tb without even downloading any new content