Sonarr not finding network path

How do I set a network path?
Sonarr was on my computer and working, I added another computer and had to move the drives, the Path was F:\ TvShows and the new network path is \Desktop-pp53sno\k\TvShows.
Sonarr is not reading the new network path

Answered in the FAQ

I have tired every path no luck, I mapped the drive with a letter and still wont see it, what am I missing?

My network drive is mapped to X, do I need to make a folder called Server?


Where did anything say anything about folders named server?

Your issues are right there on the FAQ, did you miss it or? What did you change besides trying other paths?

(Solved) Turned off my VPN and set path and now it works.

ah… yup a VPN preventing LAN access would do it too.

The simple way to set the path on a mapped network is use ms word if you are not using a nas and using different drives and not a single drive
Open ms word so it is on half your screen.
Open File Explorer and click on the mapped Drive.
Find the folder you want to add to Sonarr.
Right click on folder and drag it to ms word and let go.
Select create Hyperlink Here
Copy the path and paste it in the path for sonarr.
Make sure no spaces are before or after path.
Hit Save and move the files yourself.
If you get a no path found turn off your VPN and repeat