Sonarr not downloading automatically - SQLite Exception

Sonarr version (exact version): v3.0.10.1567
OS: Windows 10 19042.1706
Debug logs: Sonarr error -

I’ve noticed this a week ago or two, but only really started working on it. Sonarr stopped working properly and doesn’t pick up shows at all, despite “health” section in “System” seemingly not showing any problems. To download ANY TV series through Sonarr, I have to manually search for it. Meanwhile Radarr is working normally, without any issues.

Unlike Radarr, where I have many trackers, I’ve set up two trackers on Sonarr/Jackett: 1337x and The Pirate Bay. I also used to have Rarbg but obviously I removed it by now. They seem to be working properly, since it’s the same as Radarr.

I’ve looked up a log and that’s what I found, any errors - I removed everything else (that’s from yesterday, but I’m still getting just the same ). Sonarr error -

One thing I noticed, comparing Sonarr and Radarr services - Radarr is running as “local system account”, and Sonarr was using my user account, so I switched Sonarr to “local system account”, it didn’t change anything

The SQlite exception looks to be caused by two series with the same name, but one currently has the year after it and for some reason it was removed on TheTVDB and it’s conflicting. If you post at least debug logs you’ll see more details as to which series is being updated.

As for downloading:

[v3.0.10.1567] NzbDrone.Core.Download.Clients.DownloadClientException: Failed to connect to qBittorrent, please check your settings.

Sonarr can’t connect to qbit, maybe a firewall is blocking the request or it’s not listening on that port.

Hey, I identified both problems. I IDed the show that caused SNQLite error and simply removed it from Sonarr.

Then, I set up a new setting in Windows Defender (strangely, it didn’t have one unlike Radarr), but it still didn’t resolve my issue. I looked to the log and noticed a different error: “[v3.0.10.1567] System.Net.WebException: DNS Name Resolution Failure”

I checked my network settings and found a public DNS which I didn’t even remember setting up (Netify). I switched to Quad9, then I went straight to Sonarr and ran RSS Sync. It picked up the show released today and downloaded it without any problems.

Solved! Thanks for help. You can close the topic.

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