Sonarr not automatically monitoring imported libraries. Failed to map folders

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OS: Synology NAS
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I am new to Sonarr, but have an extensive TV library on my Synology NAS. I use it to run a Plex media server.

Sonarr v4 and Prowlarr are working together and are successfully accessing and downloading media from TorrentDay. Full permission to access read/write my root director has been given to Sonarr. However, even though I have imported my root directory, volume1/video/TV, into Sonarr, it does not automatically monitor the library even though it complies with standard folder and file naming protocols as far as I know. There are 219 unmapped folders! I discovered this problem when I manually added a handful of TV shows to update automatically. Sonarr has tried to download every season and episode from years back, seemingly unaware that I have all but the most recent episodes already!! TD are not happy! Oddly, when I look at monitored series the system is aware of teh correct location of the TV show and all its seasons, e.g., /volume1/Video/TV/Chicago Med Could it be that the system is monitoring some folders, but not 219 others. Why would that be? I do try to stick to standard folder and episode naming and structure protocol.

I will provide log files if necessary, but this must be a common problem with an easy solution, e.g. a configuration step I missed. I This morning I have put log into debug mode.

Thank you, if you can help.

Sounds like you didn’t import your existing library into Sonarr?

That’s the strange thing I did import my library straight away. It’s a large one, so it took ages! I imported the same library repeatedly.

Today, I tackled permissions slavishly giving user access to sonarr and prowlarr and giving both apps permission to R/W every possible likely folder manually, not relying on automatic recursion. This seems to have worked. In that sonarr is now pointing at library folders correctly when I add each TV show manually.

Updates are also being copied from my download folder to the correct TV show.

I guess my issue has been folder permissions and user access to apps. I just hadn’t expected to apply folder permissions manually for each layer.

Hopefully, sonarr will pick up on new shows automatically. :pray:

Unfortunately, I still have 168 unmapped folders. That’s a lot! I am wondering if there is a common fault.

Check here for recommended Synology setup, including recursive permissions fix

Thank you for that! Even though my Sonarr installation is standard Synology rather than in Docker there are tips and principles in your link that I should be able to apply retrospectively. At this stage, I don’t intend to to attempt a Docker installation. I remember the difficult process of installing Tautology. :poop: I have installed an additional 16Gb of RAM so, hopefully, my decision doesn’t result in overstretched resources.

I will measure success by the extent to which unmapped folders are mapped without manual intervention. I have manually whittled unmapped folders down to 75, a handful of which are due to certain media not appearing on the global listings.

I’ll let you know my progress in due course. :pray:

Update. I am truly puzzled.

Having been through every folder in my TV show collection, tidying it up so that there is no wasted folder without media files in, I still have 74 unmapped folders. All folders contain properly named media files and are part of monitored TV shows. The two unmonitored shows, unreckonised by Sonarr, are taken into account. There are no hidden folders that I am aware of.

No doubt the solution will make itself known in due course, but the system is working properly as far as I can see. Perhaps I shouldn’t worry.

Update: It appears that the unmapped folders were not due to problems with permissions.

I have reduced my unmapped folders to eight. Those few are due to a three TV shows/series that aren’t recognised by Sonarr. I’ll tolerate those. The other unmapped folders were, 1. deeply embedded with non-standard names, 2. deeply embedded containing specials that needed recognising as such and 3. those that were duplicated by Sonarr because the folder labels were non-standard. I recognise that all these issues are a pitfall of importing media arranged and labelled in a variety of standard and non-standard ways.

Thanks again for your support.

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